What We Do
We are a large facility located on a quiet residential street in beautiful Monroe, Connecticut. Our 2 acre grounds include a fenced in play yard, grass playing fields, gardens and woodlands. Magic Kingdom is a perfect country setting for children.

Our fully licensed programs exceed the State of Connecticut guidelines for the education of young children. We individualize the curriculum when necessary to meet the unique needs of each child's learning style.

At Magic Kingdom, literacy is approached using whole language and phonics. Concepts are presented with a blend of the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. No child's learning style is overlooked and no child is missed.

Our children are encouraged to problem solve, participate in classroom planning, and initiate their own learning through discovery. We stress self-esteem and social skills because children learn best when they are relaxed and confident. Most importantly, we work to build character by teaching age-appropriate organizational skills and responsibility.

Who We Serve
Magic Kingdom is designed to meet the full-time needs of children aged 2 years 9 months through the end of kindergarten. Older primary school children are served through a caring, before and after school program. We operate from 7 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. and are open most school holidays.

Our nursery school program has a flexible schedule and flexible enrollment and is designed to meet the needs of working parents. Children can attend either full or part-time. We have separate programs for 3 and 4 year old children. [LEARN MORE]

Our kindergarten program includes children who attend for a full day as well as children who attend either mornings or afternoons. Our kindergarten is designed to meet the full-time needs of children. [LEARN MORE]

Our before and after school program is designed to meet the needs of working parents. The program is offered to our full-time students at no additional charge. Other than Christmas week, we are only closed a total of seven days for the entire school year. [LEARN MORE]
Our families live in the Towns of Monroe, Trumbull, Easton and Shelton. We are conveniently located close to Routes 25, 111 and 110. [MAP AND DRIVING DIRECTIONS]

The parents of many (though not all) of our children work outside the home. We believe it is important for us to provide a schedule that meets the needs of these working parents. Parents who are less stressed are better able to enjoy and parent their children! The families who attend Magic Kingdom don't have to worry about after school baby sitters, obscure school holidays or school vacations. We are always open.

Many kindergarten children simply need more learning, socialization and stimulation than the brief public school day provides. At Magic Kingdom, kindergarten is a full day of fun and learning.

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