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About us

The individual progress, growth, and development of every child are important to us.  We seek to provide a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program fostering cognitive, intellectual, social, emotional & physical development of children & their families that remedies problems through a broad range educational, social, health & nutrition services & activities so that children are ready for school.


The environment at Magic Kingdom Daycare promotes learning while having fun during the process. Through a mixture of hands-on experiences, group activities, and individual play, our children develop the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical skills necessary for all aspects of life and growth. Magic Kingdom Day Care will increase psycho-social-emotional competence of children, develop their cognitive & intellectual skills to promote healthy habits, physical growth & creative exploration & to involve parents & guardians in the child’s education.

Meet our staff
All staff members are well-versed in child development & trained & certified in Early Childhood Education that meet NY City, State & national core, Head Start Outcome & NAEYC standards. Certifications include College and University degrees and NYC/NYS certifications. Staff have years of EC classroom experience: instruction, parent-childinvolvement, pedagogy, program development & assessment, curriculum development, & peer review.  
Contact us

We are now accepting registrations!

We are located at 

2484 East 18th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11235

tel: 718 648 1988

tel: 917 825 8512

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