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unit 1 - week 1

Drawing Face
Top View of Kids Playing

Our first unit of study will be “Welcome to Pre-K” During this unit, we will discuss what it means to go to school and help your child become familiar with school routines. As your child participates in activities that help him/her learn about the value of having and following rules, he/she will become more comfortable with being part of a community of learners at school. In addition, your child will learn about the daily routine at school, the teachers, and other school helpers. Making friends at school and making individual choices will also be included in our daily activities. Each child will participate in creating a jobs chart and learn about his/her role in keeping the classroom neat and following the daily routine. 

Here are some key vocabulary words that we will be using throughout the first unit of study: 


•angry •centers •classmates •classroom •community •construction •disappointed •embarrassed •emotions •expressions •excited •feelings •friends •frustrated •helpful •library •lonely •manipulatives •materials •movement •peers •proud •rules •scared •schedule •science •sharing •silly •taking turns •teachers •welcome

Boy Doodling

9/3/19 - 9/7/19: How do we use the materials in our art center?

We will be discussing the materials available in the art center. Students will learn how to utilize materials available to them including: how to mix primary colors, how to use mixed media to make collages, how to use mixed media such as play dough, craft sticks, and pipe cleaners.  

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